LaPSI location:

UFRGS - Main Campus,

Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul state capital,

Brazil, South America.




This is team of professors, PhD students, M.Sc. students and under graduated students of LaPSI
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From left to right:
On foot: Thiago, Adão, Davi, Zani, Negreiros and Alexsandro.
Sitted: Prof. Leticia, Prof. Susin, Emilena, Prof. Luigi, Nivea, Josias, Gisele and Peter.




The laboratory has high technology equipments in the signal and image processing, like Analog Devices development kits, analog and digital oscilloscopes (HP and Tektronix), HP logic analyzers, function generators, microscope, video cameras, equipment for audio processing with sound mixer table. The laboratory has a mini-library with the mainly books in this area and databook. Below, equipments pictures (click in the picture to enlarge):


LaPSI Audio Processing Equipments

Reticulocytes Project Equipment
Scanner, Microscope, PC, Television, VCR

Logic Analyzer/HP Analogic Oscilloscope
Kits DSP Analog Devices