The LaPSI was created in 1991, by the professors Altamiro Amadeu Susin, Alceu Heinke Frigeri and Thomas Weihmann. The group developed researches about digital signal process, because there was a lack of research in this area at that time. The DSP board based on the TMS320C25 processor, acquired by the professors, encouraged the research, which gave highlight for, up to that time, the new Electric Engineering Department.
With the project consolidation, new ways were open for team increase. The laboratory soon had supported the development of master thesis, collaborating in many pos-graduated projects of electronic instrumentation, in digital instrumentation area, data acquire and process e DSP software development. Masters projects and works in the image process have been encouraged by LaPSI. In 1992, Thomas Weihmann started the dissertations, with
Digital Signal Processing Technology to Digital Voice Transmission (Processamento Digital de Sinais Aplicado à Transmissão de Voz), and in 1998 we had our first PhD thesis, Analysis and Signal Processing of Vocal Fold Based on the Discret Wavelet Transform (Análise e Processamento de Sinais da Voz Disfônica através da Transformada Wavelet Discreta ), defended by Adalberto Schuck Junior.
Nine years later the LaPSI students and researchers and the place available became too small for the projects. So that in 1999, the laboratory moved for a bigger place, making possible the projects to increase. The LAPSI arrives at the new millenium with the certain that it is increasing the amount of knowledge, join with the scientific and academic community.